Cultivating the Magic Quality that can Extend Your Lifespan,
Boost Your Energy, and Make You Happy Now

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.”
—Roy Goodman


The editors of Optimism has assembled a remarkable collection of contributors to share their insights on the new role of women in leadership. They are drawn from science, the arts, business, psychotherapy, medicine, entertainment, the personal growth movement, government, and religion. Invited contributors include:


Mehmet Oz
Whoopi Goldberg
Steve Jobs

Garrison Keillor
Michelle Obama
Mikhael Gorbachev

Bill Gates
Kofi Annan
Cornell West

Daniel Boorstin
Wayne Dyer
Sonia Gandhi

Richard Bach
Andrew Weil
Warren Buffet

Margaret Thatcher
J. K. Rowling
Judith Viorst

Bernie Siegel
Arthur C. Clarke
Gloria Steinem

Robert Kiyosaki
Neale Donald Walsch
Christiane Northrup

Judith Orloff
Aung San Suu Chi
Martha Stewart

Anthony Robins
Caroline Myss
Michael Milken

Esther Hicks
Queen Latifah
Kurt Vonnegut

Eckart Tolle
Spike Lee

Eve Ensler
David Sedaris
Queen Noor

Mitch Albom
Robin Williams

Tavis Smiley
Martin Seligman
Terry Pratchett

Prince Charles
Sandra Bullock

Candice Bergen
Jimmy Carter
Angelina Jolie

Joan Borysenko
Huston Smith
John Gray

Eddie Murphy
Jean Houston

And including classic chapters by:

John F. Kennedy
James Allen
Mohandas Gandhi
Winston Churchill
Martin Luther King
C. S. Lewis
Albert Einsteinn

“Run forward when possible, walk ahead when you can, stagger onward when you must, but never cease your forward movement.”
—Vernon Howard